Dog Policy


We ourselves love animals; but we have heard of at least 2 incidents in the past where people were bitten by dogs at the resort, and the past owners stopped allowing them.  We have tried a few dogs.  Most are good, but we have had some problems; so overall we would prefer not to have them.  Our insurance is already extremely high; and if it were to be cancelled, we would have to close our business.  If the dog is aggressive at all, we cannot allow it.  Children play in all areas and may have contact with a tied-up dog.  The animal must be on a leash at all times if outside of the cabin.  You cannot leave your dog in the cabin if you are leaving the premises.

If the dog likes to bark, this is a problem.  We do not want the other guests and neighborhood disturbed.

Doggie bags must be used to dispose of any waste around the resort.  No animal waste of any kind will be allowed in beach sand as kids play there as well as people walk around barefoot.

If you want the animal to swim, pick an area away from other guests.  Some people do not like swimming with dogs.

Anchor stakes may puncture shallow water or gas lines or electric cables.  Check with manager before driving anchor stakes.

We have had dogs damage carpet, screen doors, interior doors, etc.  Charge is $5.00 a day per animal.